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The generalized learning counseling is to tutor various problems that occur during the child's learning process (such as cognitive skills, knowledge disorders, motivation, emotions, etc.). The narrow sense of tutoring is to learn the students' frustration and Counseling for psychological distress and behavioral disorders that arise when difficult.
Personality Counseling: Personality here refers to the individual's psychological quality of personal, personal, and personal aspects. Focus on the child's self-awareness, emotional self-adjustment, will quality, interpersonal communication and communication, as well as group collaboration skills to coach, in order to cultivate children's good personality and social adaptability.
Life counseling: mainly through leisure counseling, consumer counseling and daily life skills counseling, etc., to cultivate students' healthy life taste, optimistic life attitude and good life skills. This has a potential impact on children's future happiness and fulfillment, and also has a powerful migration effect on their individuality, growth ability and learning efficiency.
Advancement and career choice are the inevitable process of life development and an important event concerning the future of the individual. Career Counseling is an educational activity for children's future life. It aims to help children learn their career aspirations and career choices and preparations based on their ability, strengths, interests and social employment conditions. In the future, we will successfully set foot on the society and lay a good foundation.
(1) Help children to understand their psychological characteristics of learning, and to understand their physical strength, intelligence, and personality traits in order to find a suitable learning method and goal, that is, learning
Desham, a school psychologist, clearly pointed out the development of "self-causality" (Desham believes that the subjectivity of learning lies in the self, the behavior of self and the choice of self.
(3) Cultivate children's creative thinking and innovative learning ability, which is in line with the development goals of the international society's science and technology, economy, and national quality and talent competition.
The standard is the important reason for determining the direction of self-development, the ability to "self-evaluation" and the cultivation of habits.
(2) Cultivate children's motivation and interest in learning
(6) Diagnostic and formative evaluation of the child's learning status, organically combining school education goals, teaching activities and evaluation activities.
(4) Psychological counseling on children's learning habits and learning attitudes, so that they can develop regular study habits, scientifically arrange and organize study time to improve the efficiency of learning.Reduce the stress and fatigue of learning.
(5) Identify factors that hinder children's learning and potential problems in the learning process in a timely manner, and diagnose and educate students with learning difficulties and students with learning disabilities.
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Preschool education

Preschool education is an education that is fully developed. From the development trend of the world's preschool education goals, the intellectual development in the 1960s, the creativity in the 1970s, and the personality, emotion, and social development in the 1980s. It is increasingly found that the development of children should be comprehensive. Since the 1990s, countries around the world have gradually realized that the fundamental purpose of preschool education is to promote the comprehensive and harmonious development of children. Preschool education is one of the important contents of preschool education and is part of the scientific system that constitutes preschool education. Children are the basic stage of intellectual development in life, and the fastest-growing period. Appropriate and correct pre-school education has a great effect on children's intelligence and its future development. The formation and development of supernormal children are all related to proper and correct preschool education, especially intellectual preschool education. Preschool education is a multi-faceted training process. Concerns about the mental health of pre-school children should not be underestimated.

Enrollment target: Children (5-8 years old)                         Professional system: three years
Registration time: October 10-November 10, 2019            Start time: December 23-December 30, 2019
Primary education

From the perspective of the development of life, the primary school stage is the most important, and it is the most prosperous period of long body and long knowledge. Pupils are curious, have a strong desire for knowledge, and have a quick mind. They have to ask why they are, and they absorb a variety of knowledge like sponges. Primary school students have strong memory and are good at memorizing. They can keep in mind what they are interested in. Primary school students have strong imitation skills and are easy to learn. The good habits developed in childhood can be firmly maintained for a lifetime. On the contrary, the bad habits developed in the primary school stage are difficult to correct in middle schools and universities. Therefore, in the primary school stage, not only must students learn knowledge, develop intelligence, but also conduct strict training on them in learning, develop good study habits; have strict requirements on ideological and moral qualities, and develop good ones. Behavioral habits. The foundation of elementary school is well played, which will affect the students' future study and growth, and even affect their life.

Enrollment target: primary school students                       Professional system: six years
Registration time: June 10-August 10, 2019                      Start time: August 23-August 30, 2019
Junior high school education

When entering junior high school, the courses that students study are very different from those of primary schools. Students will be exposed to a number of new subjects, and the new curriculum in junior high school will include history, geography, physics, chemistry, biology, etc., and each grade will change some subjects. Subjects such as language, mathematics, English, ethics and the rule of law will run through junior high school for three years. Geography, biology, and history will be opened in the seventh grade, physics will be opened in the eighth grade, and the chemistry will be opened in the ninth grade. Secondary education is in the middle stage of primary education and university education throughout the school education system. It is an education that is inherited and entrusted. It is a stage of differentiation and development for school-age children. Secondary education is aimed at young people between the ages of 11 and 12, 17 and 18 years old. They are experiencing a sharp transition period of physical and psychological development and mutation.
Gain knowledge and growth skills, as well as key years of world outlook, outlook on life, and initial values.

Enrollment target: junior high school students Professional academic system: three years
Registration time: June 10-August 10, 2019 Start time: August 23-August 30, 2019
High school education

The education system of ordinary high schools in China is still improving and reforming. From the initial development of the whole country to the emergence of arts and sciences, and then some provinces and municipalities to carry out high school curriculum reform, to give high-quality high school textbooks to competent publishers, the comprehensive high school is a kind of education for students, The employment-assisted teaching model fosters comprehensive talents with solid cultural basic knowledge and certain professional skills standards. Its main features are enrollment in major categories, and the use of popular textbooks in cultural classes. In the student's life, the memories of high school may be the most, but often the most bitter. High school is overburdened, so many courses are required, and every class has to be tested well; the learning process is the most unsuccessful, and the teacher will never praise which of yours is the best, always pointing out yours. Which one is the worst; the test scores are always the most unsure, even if you learn well, you can't guarantee that you can withstand the luck of the test. When we asked our graduates to evaluate their high school life, their answers were very dramatic, and they generally felt that high school life was very meaningful.

Enrollment target: high school students                              Professional system: three years
Registration time: October 10-November 10, 2019             Start time: December 23-December 30, 2019
college education

The university, known as the ordinary higher education institution, is a unique cultural institution. It is an institution of higher learning that inherits, studies, integrates and innovates with the economic and political institutions of the society. It is not only a product of the development of human culture to a certain stage, but also on the basis of long-term school practice, through the accumulation of history, its own efforts and the influence of the external environment, it has gradually formed a unique university culture. University education must combine human teaching and education with the purpose of human development. While imparting knowledge and skills to students, they can cultivate and cultivate their moral sentiments and organize the world according to people's appearance. University graduates will not be the existence of things, but the real existence of people; not single-faced people, but people with rich content. When they come to the society, they can not only make a living and start a business, but they can fully assume the burden of reforming society.

Enrollment target: college students                                     Professional academic system: four years
Registration time: October 10-November 10, 2019             Start time: December 23-December 30, 2019
Mental health education

Adolescents are a new force in social development and the future and hope of the motherland. With the development of physiology and psychology, the expansion of social experience and the change of thinking style, it is easy to encounter various psychological confusions and problems in terms of study, life, interpersonal communication, self-awareness and employment. According to an authoritative survey, 34% of primary and middle school students now have psychological barriers, 12.5% ​​have psychological defects, and 28.1% have psychological abnormalities. The mental health of adolescents cannot be ignored. To enable students to learn and live, to correctly understand themselves, to improve their self-help and self-education skills, to enhance their ability to regulate emotions, to withstand setbacks, to adapt to the environment, to cultivate students' sound personality and good individual psychological quality; to have psychological distress or psychological problems Students, carry out scientific and effective psychological counseling, timely provide necessary crisis interventions to improve their mental health.

Enrollment target: Youth Professional                               System: two and a half years - four years
Registration time: October 10-November 10, 2019          Start time: December 23-December 30, 2019
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